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“Beneficial Ownership” – What is it? Why does it matter to auditors?

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“Beneficial Ownership” – What is it? Why does it matter to auditors?

“Beneficial Ownership” – What is it? Why does it matter? What’s happening in Canada? What can I do as an auditor?

On June 14th, CAAF will host a panel of experts who will answer these questions. 

Simply, the beneficial owner is the real person that ultimately owns, controls or benefits from a company and its transactions.  Having complete and accurate beneficial ownership information is used to prevent money laundering and other criminal activity.  This global issue poses threats to our reputation, to international security, and our national and international economy. Governments around the globe, including across Canada, are introducing new systems to track beneficial ownership. 

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Carol Bellringer
President and CEO
Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation

Scott Hanson
Director, Public Policy & Regulation
International Federation of Accountants

Michele Wood-Tweel
Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs
CPA Canada